Allergy Testing And Treatment

What is allergy testing?

Allergy testing identifies allergens like mold, peanuts, pet dander, and bee stings that can cause allergies.

Here at Array Medical Center Surprise, we offer effective procedures to get the most accurate results. These procedures and techniques include:


Blood Test

A sample of blood can be drawn and sent into a specialized laboratory. The lab then adds allergens to the blood and will measure and analyze any changes in the sample. Depending on how the blood acts with the applied allergens, specific allergies can then be diagnosed.

Skin Test

A small section of the outermost layer of skin is exposed to an allergen. Reaction to the allergen will determine whether the recipient is allergic to the exposed allergen. This test can check for allergies to airborne irritants, medications, insect stings, and more.


Why take an allergy test?

Allergic reactions can range from annoying congestion to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Allergy tests can identify substances that cause these types of allergic reactions. There are different allergy tests. Array Medical Center Surprise will specifically choose the best test based on symptoms and potential allergy triggers. Once allergies are diagnosed, the proper steps can be taken to get symptom relief.

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