Pro Adjuster

Would you believe us if we told you that Chiropractic treatments and reorientation of the nervous system could be done comfortably, while you were sitting in an upright position without any turning or sudden movements? Would you believe that newborns, as well as the elderly with osteoporosis, can be treated safely and gently?

What is a Pro-Adjuster?

The pain-free and effective Pro-Adjuster detects problems with the nervous system by gently analyzing the spine to determine whether certain vertebrae move too fluidly or too rigidly. If the spine is too rigid, the nerve function can be negatively affected.


What does the Pro-Adjuster treat?

Perfect for chronic back pain, the Pro-Adjuster utilizes the wonders of technology and eases tension off negatively affected nerves. Along with back pain, the Pro-Adjuster helps with pain and tension elsewhere, headaches, digestive trouble, and more.


How does the Pro-Adjuster work?

Using the same type of technology utilized in the Pro-Adjuster, NASA engineers can determine the integrity of ceramic cooling tiles located on the outermost parts of space shuttles. However, in a chiropractic setting, the technology works by introducing a light force to a vertebra, then immediately measuring the reflective force via a piezoelectric sensor. A computer then interprets the data and determines the fluidity of the joint. All of this happens more quickly than the body’s ability to react, which yields highly accurate results.

This will relieve the pressure on the nerve, allow the nerve to heal, and restore the nerve’s ability to transmit signals to and from the brain more freely. Most importantly, it will help relieve the pain!

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