Trigger Point Injections


What are Trigger Point injections?

For persistent or chronic muscle pain, trigger point injections are used to soothe and release pain in targeted areas of muscle known as trigger points. These trigger points are very sensitive bundles of fibers in tight bands of muscle. The injections administer the medication directly into the trigger points.


Do trigger injections work?

Many people who suffer from and are affected by muscle pain feel immediate symptom relief along with an immediately improved range of motion. You could experience similar results for your pain, and you’ll be able to find out during a consultation at Array Medical Center Surprise.

How do Trigger Point Injections work?

Either sitting or lying down for the procedure, our provider at Array Medical Center Surprise will press on the strained muscle to locate the area where the pain is located. Then, a small needle will be inserted into the site and inject a mixture of anesthetic and natural anti-inflammatory.

Depending on the condition, a trigger point injection can take as little as a few minutes, and often leaves an immediate relief of pain.


How long do trigger point injections last?

The benefits of trigger point injections can last between several days and several months, depending on the kind of medication used as well as the patient’s health condition. Patients can get injections regularly over a long period of time.

A 2019 study investigated the effects of trigger point injections in people with abdominal muscle pain. Many of the participants reported significant reductions in pain two years after their initial injections. You could experience similar results for your pain, and you’ll be able to find out during a consultation.

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